Joey’s Pizza was born out of the frustration of feeling ripped off by other local pizza Shacks and Tables. Just over a year ago, Joey called one of these places and simply ordered 2 pizzas and a salad and was quoted almost $70.00 for that basic order! It’s very hard to enjoy a meal when you feel like you are being taken to the cleaners. On that faithful day, Joey vowed to return sanity to our country’s favorite food.

What’s so different about a Joey’s Pizza?

Our large pizza is really a large, 18”. An Extra Large at one of the Shacks and Tables is no bigger than 16”!!  We hand-toss every pizza, cook our sauce for hours until it reaches that rich, bold, zesty perfection. We use the highest quality flour with imported extra virgin olive oil. We use local whole mozzarella straight from a dairy, not shredded and dried out and brought in from who knows where
Joey has been in the restaurant business for 30 years. Joey has One Golden Rule: IF YOU AREN’T HAPPY, WE AREN’T HAPPY.

So come on down and discover what everyone in Bennett Valley already knows, There really is an honest pizza that won’t honestly make you broke..

"Just what you would like a pizzaria to be like.  Friendly owner and staff, excellent pizza, BIG pizza, low prices, special deals on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Deliveries for $3.  Beers while you wait for $2.50."
"The pesto breadsticks here are like heaven. They are rolled up with pesto, covered in mozzarella cheese and come out crispy at the ends and doughy and cheesy in the middle its so fantastic you dont even know!!"
John G.