About Us

We opened Joey’s in 2010 on the belief that great pizza doesn’t need to be outrageously expensive. We are bakers at heart.

We previously owned The Cafe Des Croissants and Grateful Bagels and also a few pretzel and cookie shops. We are dedicated to our community and are committed to giving back to the people and place we love!


Yes, there is a Joey. No, you have never met him and you probably never will. In fact, Joey has no idea this shrine to his greatness even exists… The story began over 25 years ago outside a packed night club in New York City late at night on a chilly November day. While visiting my brother in the Little Italy community we decided to enjoy the famous Manhattan night life. We were standing on line outside with about 100 other people waiting to get inside this popular nightclub.

Just as we inched to the front of the line near the entrance, we noticed a commotion in the club. Five bouncers immediately rushed to the problem to handle the situation. The situation was Joey. He was a mountain of a man that stood 6 feet 4 inches high and weighed easily over 350 lbs. He was nicely dressed with slicked back hair and large sunglasses. Joey was agitated that the club failed to meet his desires and let everyone know as he bellowed out in the middle of the club “Joey’s the man, Joey loves pizza! Give me one slice, give me two slices. I need pepperoni, I need sausage.

What’s wrong with this place?!? Joey’s the man, Joey loves pizza!” The bouncers obviously knew Joey and in no way wanted to upset him any further. Clearly Joey was “part of the family” and being on Joey’s bad wasn’t an option. Joey continued to react and explained that he needed to leave this place since they didn’t have any pizza for him. The relieved bouncers escorted Joey to the exit where we were all waiting to get in. As Joey got outside he adjusted his sunglasses and surveyed the crowd as if he were the king and we were his subjects.

In this small section of Manhattan he probably was the king. After eyeing the crowd, Joey headed down a dark alley adjacent to the club that was lined with 10 story apartment buildings. Classic New York. Joey wasn’t through though, as he strutted down the alley he screamed “Joey’s the man, Joey loves pizza! Give me one slice, give me two slices. I need pepperoni, I need sausage. Joey’s the man, Joey loves pizza!”

The tall buildings amplified his loud voice and captivated everyone’s attention. Joey continued for a few magical blocks making everyone memorize “Joey’s the man, Joey loves pizza!” Abruptly Joey’s voice went completely silent. I turned and noticed the huge crowd in an awkward moment of silence, wanting more of Joey. Then from the back of the line someone yelled out “Joey’s the man.” Another voice chimed in “Joey loves pizza!” More and more voices joined the chorus until the whole crowd was chanting “Joey’s the man, Joey loves pizza!” It was simply amazing.

Joey never heard the spontaneous chant in his honor and surely he never observed our personal homage to him in Sonoma County. My money is that Joey is resting peacefully somewhere at the bottom of the East River. Nonetheless, I will always remember the chant he left us. “Joey’s the man, Joey loves pizza.”

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